BASTICH - The Characters

Center Stage:

The Bastich

Bastich is every loser, every nerd, and every four-eyed freak you ever kicked in the shin in high school, and every reason why you didn't kick hard enough or with great enough frequency when you had the chance. He's a semi-employed 20-ish techno-geek with mutating hair and an irresistable attraction to the obscure. Along with his roommates Hacker-Lad and Faith, he dodges his way through the pits and dunes of Nerd Hell.

For a while, he was employed in the catacombs of "Mothership Incorporated" but he has since gotten over the experience.


Faith, the "token chick," is a trusted friend of the Bastich. Of the three core characters, she's perhaps the most sane, for as much as that honor is worth. Her hair seems to randomly fluxuate between a pyramid-shaped mass and a spaceball-poodle-cut. Many, no doubt, have pondered this phenomenon. The answer lies in the simple application of a scrunchie hair-tie and just a spoonful's worth of cartoon magic.


If Hacker-Lad has hair, only his mother knows what it looks like. Perhaps he hides it beneath that hat of his to seperate himself from his folically-enhanced cohorts. Decisively the most reclusive of the bunch, "HL" tends to observe the nutty antics of those around him, and makes off-handed remarks when he has time between games of Diablo, overnight Kernel-hacking sessions, and online discussions on #HotChest.



As the self-styled "future guy," El-Krahn was sent back in time from the 23rd century by the mighty Co-Ax to observe the ways of his forebears and to prevent Bastich from taking over the planet. So far, he's been unsuccessful. Perhaps somebody should introduce the concept of "alternate timelines" to the poor fool.

The Bapper

Based on a "real-life" freak here at CSU Chico, the Bapper's first comic-strip appearance was in his very own one-shot, which was given to him on his birthday from some cheapskate friend of his. After that, he occasionally found his way into the panels of "The Bastich" until finally becoming a semi-regular along with the other Wonder Twin, Mtn. Dewd, during the "Summer Vacation" series. It's a little-known fact that The Bapper was booted out of the cartoon universe for being too stylized. The "real" Bapper can be reached at his homepage where you can find a little game that might interest some people...

Mtn. Dewd©

Based on a yet another "real-life" freak here at CSU Chico, Mtn. Dewd - The Guru of Whup-Ass - found a place in The Bastich during the "Summer Vaction" series. He usually isn't found too far away from Bapper. Together they plunder and pillage the land of Bastich, usually with goofy grins on their faces.

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